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May The 4th Be With You

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

A very appropriate slogan indeed for today, Monday May 4th. We could all benefit from a positive force to weather the Covid-19 storm during this time.  These are challenging and uncertain times to be sure and we have all heard the phrase lately describing this as a moment of “uncharted water" and describing us canaries in the coal mine. So how do you respond to something you haven’t experienced before, are not prepared for, and ultimately rise to the occasion?  Everyone has a different response and in speaking with friends I have heard everything on the spectrum of full-blown anxiety to a surprising sense of well-being & calm. I do believe focusing on a few things and implementing some small measures as strategies can help during the crisis and effects of quarantine and unemployment.  I’ve never claimed to be a self help junkie but below is a short list of some things that I believe can make this transition slightly more tolerable and equip you with the right preparation to get back on track:

  1. Gratitude- It’s amazing what the power of being grateful for what we have during this time and use that strength to in return show empathy, give back and time some time to “slow down and look around” Personally, I have experienced an amazing sense of peace without all of the “noise" that is created by FOMO and keeping up with the Joneses. Developing an “attitude of gratitude” is worth its weight in Gold!

  2. Self Care-  How you look at this crisis I believe can be greatly improved if you take advantage of this time to develop a sense of self care through improved sleep, exercise and nutrition. Finding appropriate replacement activities will provide some structure and balance. Look, we’re not eating out at restaurants and so what an amazing opportunity to improve your nutrition, learn a few recipes, and chill out. What about taking up a new sport such as pickleball that improves your social network, health, and mental cognition while creating some great hand eye coordination? 

  3. Education- We have been given an amazing opportunity given the time we have now to learn a new skillset to prepare you for a return to work, career change, or revisit a few projects you have been putting off. This is a great time to network! There are incredible resources online to do this as we shift to a new way of learning, working, collaborating and communicating. Implementing new uses of technology will be a reality in the future. It may serve to create inequity among those that have access and the capacity to tools and those that do not. Additionally, check out some tools on Linked In, Saleforce (Trailhead), Glassdoor, etc. Heck, maybe even learn how to cut your own hair, HA! 

I will be developing a resource library on my website to offer up suggestions for you all to tap into over the next few months. Stay tuned!



Change is hard. Organizations dedicate entire jobs, departments, and technology to the change management process. So are you in the camp of nothing to do and all day to do it? Or… do you view the crisis as an opportunity to reclaim one of the most precious commodities we are given… TIME? Unfortunately, always being busy in a work dominated, 24X7 plugged in, money-driven, career-first culture such as ours is a right of passage. We live in a society where we work the hardest in our best years in order to survive in our “golden years”. I understand these are stressful times and for many individuals working on the front lines, essential workers, grocery store clerks, delivery drivers and the like are the new heroes that are being created for this generation. We owe you all a debt of gratitude. For many individuals, they are working harder than ever and do not have the luxury of downtime but if you do find yourself with an opportunity to spend some quality time to be grateful, enhance your skills, give back, get active and move, now is THE TIME TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE TIME.

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