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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hello All-

In a major milestone and return to my former routine and some semblance of normalcy, I masked up and went for a coffee at Starbucks. A much different experience, given the restrictions in place now but I met the challenge and made it happen! 

The experience sparked my thinking about the financial “experts” who say to skip that cup of coffee, save the money and become a millionaire in 40 years or so. The sticker shock on that cup is nearly $5.00 here in California! Or, do you indulge and go big while preserving your sanity and the lives of others with your expensive daily Joe?  

Then, there are those that just simply are unable to afford these small pleasures operating hand to mouth on the margins of society. It makes pondering that coffee purchase all that much more trivial. Unfortunately, in April we witnessed a spike in consumer prices for basic staples such as eggs, milk cereal, due to supply and demand. We have all heard no doubt, about the extended food lines. 


Maybe you, or someone you know has been made redundant, right sized, downsized, furloughed, laid off, or is unhappily employed?  Or, perhaps you are in limbo because you make more to be unemployed instead of working?  Or…. a job is waiting for your return when things reopen because your employer has been incented to keep their employees? Even if this has you thinking this experience has been a dry run for retirement and may accelerate the transition, NOW is a good time to self-assess. 

Regardless of your situation, using this time wisely to be proactive in your job search, career pivot, or advancement upon return, will make a huge difference in your success. New skills will be imperative to keeping competitive. In their book, Fire Yourself, Lisa Brezonik and John Rusciano ask you to image you are fired tomorrow and what steps you will take to reignite your career. We know the best time to look for a job is when you have a job.


I have been tracking the recent restaurant closures and reaching out to chefs and owners asking how I can help transition their teams. Perhaps you know someone who is working in hospitality or in the service sector, working check to check, even shift to shift? Please direct them to my page for assistance!

I also like the work that Jacob is doing over at Iheartbudgets, around basic budgeting to improve your personal finance fluency!

Lastly, I hope you take time to follow my Facebook Page that will socialize the latest news and information relating to the job market and Project Safety Net.

Enjoy your week, stay safe, wash your hands, and be kind. 

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