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The Silver Linings Playbook

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Happy Monday,    

Is that an oxymoron for you, an accurate description, or just the name of a catchy 90’s Brit Pop Band?  

There is no sugar coating it Folks. The numbers are ugly and staggering:

It is estimated that 65-70% of independent restaurants may not return. 

Of the 30 million unemployed, which is likely underreported, 5.5 million are from the restaurant industry.

Perhaps as many as 40% of job losses could be permanent. 

The one that really caught my attention… Nearly 50% of Americans are currently not working. Unbelievable.


Keep Calm and Carry On.

This was an effective campaign in England during WWII. Although not Churchills’ words, he had an equally motivating quote. “If you’re going through hell, KEEP GOING!” Adopting a sense of calm during the chaos is a great tool to incorporate to make good decisions. Something that seems in short supply these days.

Go on a News & Social Media Diet:

One of my most memorable experiences in recent years was going on a digital detox retreat when my smartphone was inactive for one week. I had some great human2human conversations and self-reflection without the distractions. Tuning out the negative news, conspiracy theories, politics, and vanity in social media can be a tremendous boost to your positive energy.


Undoubtedly, there are always heroes and victims from crises. Reskilling is a word that is being thrown around to describe the need to adapt to our future new world and work culture. Check out the next steps below to get more information about this in future updates.

Follow Me:

Developing a brand, creating awareness around a movement, marketing and PR are challenging when starting out. I will be posting out frequent updates via Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Please feel free to share these posts with anyone you feel might benefit from Project Safety Net. I have also created a Company Page on LinkedIn for the Project.

Send a Referral (Spread the Word, not the Virus):

I could use your help… Have a favorite restaurant, maybe a little cozy neighborhood spot and you know the owners?  Mention my website if they are looking to provide a resource to their laid off employees as a gesture of goodwill to their teams.

Hire a Recruiter:

If you are an active job seeker, now is a great time to build a relationship with a recruiter that specializes in your target area for job prospects. LinkedIn and direct networking among your trusted contacts are great places to enlist help to identify qualified recruiters.

Share my Blog and Newsletter:

Please help me socialize and send the message about Project Safety Net. Visitors can sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of my website.

Hug a Clerk, Delivery Driver, or Restaurant Worker (Virtually)! Yeah, I said it!

Low wage workers, minorities, the Elderly, front line health staff, and the poor are bearing the brunt of this crisis. Essential workers should not be sacrificial workers. They are the ones keeping things running. Please show support and respect by keeping them safe. Be a good customer, social distance, wear a mask or at a minimum, say “thank you”


I am accepting donations that will in turn be used to provide subscription licenses for job sites and online resources for some of my clients that need it most. Please consider a contribution to offer your support and to help drive my mission. The link can be found on my website.

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